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Fwd: [cmath] Fields Institute Industry Liaison

Forwarding - job opportunity announcement:

From: "Luke Chang" <lchang@fields.utoronto.ca>
To: cmath@cms.math.ca
Sent: Monday, 28 July, 2014 08:12:19
Subject: [cmath] Fields Institute Industry Liaison

The Fields Institute - Position opening

The Fields Institute has an opening for a half-time position as Industry
Liaison, starting September 1, 2014 or when available. This is a three year
position, funded by the Institute Innovation Platform NSERC grant. The
Industry Liaison will facilitate connections between academic research
mathematicians and their counterparts in industry. The Liaison's duties will
include to organize workshops, job fairs, and events with the aim to develop
a scientific environment that nurtures connections and collaborations
between academic researchers and scientists in industry. As well, the
Liaison will help to develop proposals to the NSERC - RPP suite of programs
for research and/or innovation involving mathematical scientists in academia
and their industry counterparts. The Fields Institute supports diversity;
women and candidates who identify themselves as members of an
underrepresented minority are particularly encouraged to apply. Preference
will be given to candidates who have a graduate degree in the mathematical
sciences or a related area, and who have prior experience in academia and in
or with the private sector.

Salary range: $60,000 to $75,000, or equivalent teaching release, for a half
time position

Applications consist of a cover letter and an up-to-date copy of a full CV
and should be addressed to:  

Matheus Grasselli, Deputy Director
The Fields Institute

with Cc: to

Luke Chang, Manager of Operations
The Fields Institute

To receive full consideration, applications should be received by August 15,
2014, however applications received after this date will be considered until
the position is filled.