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Fwd: Hiring Assistant Psychometrician

Dear All,

Forwarding this message from Dr. Jake Stone about a position at Paragon Testing, a local company, with his permission.

Please contact Dr. Stone directly about this opportunity.


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From: "Jake Stone" <stone@paragontesting.ca>
To: jgraham@sfu.ca
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 10:39:33 AM
Subject: Hiring Assistant Psychometrician

Dear Professor Graham, 

Paragon Testing Enterprises is a UBC subsidiary company that administers large scale, standardized, language proficiency tests known as the CELPIP tests across Canada. The CELPIP tests are used by applicants for permanent residence or citizenship in Canada as evidence of their English language proficiency. We are currently seeking an assistant psychometrician with strong technical skills and a strong foundation in statistics. Knowledge of psychometric models is not required. 

We are wondering whether you might be able to recommend a recent graduate of exceptional ability and an interest in growing into the highly specialized field of psychometric analysis and performance assessment. If you are aware of any such candidates, could you please pass on the attached job posting. 

respectfully yours, 


Jake Stone, Ph.D 
Manager, Test Research and Development 
Paragon Testing Enterprises | www.paragontesting.ca 

110-2925 Virtual Way, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4X5 

778 724 0329 

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