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Fwd: [cmath] AARMS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Program - Atlantic Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (AARMS)

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Subject: [cmath] AARMS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Program - Atlantic        Association for Research in Mathematical Sciences (AARMS)

This is an announcement that the annual AARMS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Program will open for applications on November 10, 2014.  Details can be found below or on our website: http://www.aarms.math.ca/pdf

Eligibility and place of tenure

AARMS postdoctoral fellowships are awarded, on the recommendation of its Scientific Review Panel (SRP), to beginning researchers who received their PhD no more than four years before applying. Applications will be considered from those who anticipate receiving their PhD before the proposed start time of the fellowship, however the PhD must be in hand before actually beginning the fellowship. AARMS will provide $17,500 per year for the fellowship and the supervisor is responsible for organizing matching funds of at least this amount

It is typically expected that the proposed supervisor will not be the same person as the applicant's PhD supervisor, and that the proposed Postdoctoral Fellowship will be at a different university than the one at which the PhD was awarded. The proposed supervisor must be a full-time tenure track or tenured faculty member at a university in Atlantic Canada.


Normally two years. Funding for the second year is dependent upon satisfactory performance demonstrated in the detailed progress report submitted by the supervisor(s).


Applicants are required to establish a relationship with a prospective supervisor before applying to AARMS, and to have a tentative agreement from that supervisor to make a joint application to this program. This program is not a service for matching applicants with supervisors.

Applications should be made by the candidate through the PDF Application page found through the Online Services link in our menu.The application should include:

After their name(s) and email addresse(s) have been entered by the applicant, the proposed supervisor(s) will receive an automated message from the system, giving them access to the application, and requesting the submission of the following materials:

The proposed referees will also receive an automated message from the system, giving them access to the application, and requesting the submission of a written reference. Referees should be persons who are familiar with the candidate's work and can comment on their suitability for an AARMS postdoctoral fellowship.


Applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Panel, who will make a recommendation to the Director.



Make your application through our online system https://www.aarms.math.ca/service     (System opens November 12, 2014).

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