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Re: Job opportunity: Research Assistant / Statistical Analyst


From: "Bonnie Leung" <bonniele@mail.ubc.ca>
To: sjungic@sfu.ca
Sent: Wednesday, 17 December, 2014 13:12:15
Subject: Job opportunity: Research Assistant / Statistical Analyst

Dear Sadika,

I'm not sure if you're the person to contact about my request below but please feel free to pass my email to the appropriate person if needed.

I'm contacting you because there is an opening for a Research Assistant / Statistical Analyst (full-time or part-time) with Dr. Helen Tremlett's Pharmacoepidemiology in Multiple Sclerosis research group. I am wondering if you can please help us spread the word about this exciting job opportunity to anyone within your department at SFU who you think may be interested.

Details about the job position can be found in the attached job description as well as on our website (http://epims.med.ubc.ca).

Thanks in advance and happy holidays.


Bonnie Leung
Project Manager for Dr. Helen Tremlett
The University of British Columbia | Department of Medicine | Division of Neurology
UBC Hospital, Rm S221A - 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC   V6T 2B5
Phone:  (604) 827-3650 | Email:  bonniele@mail.ubc.ca