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Fwd: [d-ssc] Open rank position at the InterDisciplinary Institute of Data Science, USI, Switzerland

An unusual opening but an interesting use of “Data Science”.

Cheers, Richard

Richard Lockhart, Professor

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From: Radu Craiu <craiu@utstat.toronto.edu>
Subject: [d-ssc] Open rank position at the InterDisciplinary Institute of Data Science, USI, Switzerland
Date: June 29, 2015 at 3:03:25 AM PDT

The announcement below may be of interest to members of the Statistical community:


I have recently founded and co-direct an InterDisciplinary Institute of Data Science at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland http://www.idids.usi.ch<http://www.idids.usi.ch/>

I am writing to invite applications and nominations for an open rank faculty position in the field of Data Science.

We are seeking social scientists who are addressing the technical challenges in the interdisciplinary fields of data science and computational social science. Candidates with a PhD in physics, computer science, computational linguistics, statistics, quantitative social sciences, quantitative biology and related disciplines are particularly encouraged to apply. As our activities are interdisciplinary collaborative projects, we are looking for candidates with research interests outside of their core discipline to engage with other scholars whose work intersects with data science.

The successful candidate will have the unique opportunity to shape the research agenda of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Data Science together with faculty coming from all areas of science represented at USI: Informatics, Economics, Communications, and Architecture.

To apply, go to http://www.usi.ch/call-idids-associate-prof-2015-262068.pdf. Applications received before 1 September 2015 will receive full consideration. The successful candidates will take up appointment as early as January 2016.

If you have questions or need additional information please write to me or to IDIDS@usi.ch<mailto:IDIDS@usi.ch> or telephone +41 58 666 4902

Thanks for promoting this position!

Antonietta Mira


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