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Our Company is offering a distant part time job in Canada.
This is part time offer and it will take 5-10 hours a week and no investments required,
all job expenses will be covered by the company and will be reimbursed if any unexpected expenses will take place.

You will be working with a client's date bases and executing company assignments. 
The starting salary is about ~4800 CAD per month + bonuses.
You will be receiving your salary every 2 weeks + bonuses after fulfilling each order!

We guarantee that your CV will be considered and you will have a chance to discuss job openings with our highly trained HR specialist. 
If you are considering our company as your possible future employment.
Please fill in the simple form below so we will register you in our employee date base,
and our highly trained HR representative will call you back if you will have questions or concerns.

Your name, Your email, Country, City.

Please submit this registration via email benyamin@careeracanada.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible