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Re: Lead Distribution Platform

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Lead Distribution

Looking for a lead distribution platform that is user friendly?

Let us give you a demo of our platform, there are no set up cost, create an account and start using it today.

Call 949-438-4668
Or Visit www.datasuppressionfilter.com

Data Suppression Filter

Upload millions of Excel and Text files in one central Master Database.
Create Unlimited Categories, Sources and Tags.
Create up to 999 Custom Fields
Filter your data with extreme flexibility
Suppress and append for clients or just for your company
Create and email Download Links directly from the platform
Invoicing and simple Authorize.net and Paypal Merchant Integration
Validate your E-Mail Addresses and scrub for cell phones
Prospecting and Calendar Management

Call Routing

Call Routing and Recording as Low as .02 per minute (Create your channels and call filters and bill your leads based off timers)

Form Builder

Form Builder (simple drag and drop with validation options) Use our landing page or paste the code snippet into your website.
Track visitors and form conversions
Ping/Post (Post your data in and out of the system)

Channel/Vendor Manager

 Assign vendors and lead types to your channels.
 Simple Reporting and Client Invoicing

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