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Fwd: Senior Statistical Analyst (MSc) position, Alberta Health Services (Calgary location)

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Date: October 21, 2015 at 11:49:50 AM PDT
To: SSC Biostats <ssc-biostat@sfu.ca>, SSC Discussion <d-ssc@ssc.ca>
Subject: Senior Statistical Analyst (MSc) position, Alberta Health Services (Calgary location)

Dear colleagues:

Please bring this MSc-level permanent full-time position (#366331)
opportunity with the Information Technology, Quality & Healthcare
Improvement group in AB Health Services to the attention of potential
applicants. Applications need to be received by October 30, 2015 using the
link pasted below.



Karen Kopciuk

Research Scientist/Statistician
Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,
  CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services
and Adjunct Associate Professor,
Departments of Oncology, & Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Dept of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research
CancerControl Alberta, AHS
521 Holy Cross Centre
2210 2nd Street, SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2S 3C3 Canada

Phone: (403) 698-8051  (HCC) (M,Tu,We,Fr)
      (403) 220-2833  (HRIC) Thursdays
Fax:   (403) 476-2654
e-mail: kakopciu@ucalgary.ca
website: www.epi-research.org