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Dear Esteemed Donor,

Let me first of all acknowledge the fact that this email is unsolicited, but kindly allow me to crave your indulgence.

Charity without boaders (CWB) is a group that comprises of Rev Fathers from the St. Jude society and Rev Sisters from the Regina Caeli convent who are dedicated to caring for the victims of the boko haram crisis in northern Nigeria. We’ve been involved in caring for the displaced people in northern Nigeria and West/Central Africa especially since 2010 when the crisis in the Northern part of Nigeria took a new dimension. We have since been benefiting from the benevolence and support of the catholic bishop council of Nigeria, the Ford foundation, the Catholic relief organization and other international partners as well as a handful of well meaning individuals. But lately, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of internally displaced persons (IDP’S) and those being catered for in our camps scattered across Niger republic and Chad both neighboring countries in the northern troubled region of Nigeria. This increase is as a result of the renewed onslaught by the Nigerian military on the insurgents. This has made our already limited resources insufficient and our capacity is being overwhelmed on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, our donors and international partners are unwilling to increase their contribution and funding, as such our resources have dwindled considerably which is what has necessitated the need for this email.In our resolve to continually cater for the over three hundred thousand people (300,000) within our reach, made up of mostly women and children scattered across our camps and other resettlement centers pending when their homes, towns and villages are certified safe and they are willing to return home, we have decided to reach out to more kind hearted and public spirited individuals all around the world to please give whatever they can to help sustain the work.

If you have received this email please see it as a privilege and your opportunity to serve humanity. Please if you have in one way or the other donated before kindly ignore this message except you feel the need to do more.

Corporate organizations with a corporate policy of supporting charity are most graciously welcomed. We also request that you be kind enough to help spread this message as our resources are very limited. Please remember to mention in your prayers our young priest and sisters who have dedicated their lives to serving humanity in this regard, not forgetting also to pray for the safe return of the Chibok girls who were abducted from the region by the boko haram insurgents a year ago.
Please note that our contacting you was only made possible by an internet marketing consultant whose services we employed so as to be able to reach out to as many people as possible.

If you find this in anyway offensive kindly forgive us. Please join us to make the world a better place for all. Your contributions, donations, prayers and your seeds will help in making this a reality.

There are still over six hundred thousand women and children yet to be reached, the International Red Cross along with a few other organizations are also doing what they can but it is a far cry from what is required.

For further information on how you can donate and be a part of the work please kindly contact the following coordinators:

Rev. Fr.  Francis Perez:  revfrancis.perez@thecharitywithoutborders.com

With The Kindest Regards,
Rev. Fr.  Francis Perez
Project Head, Donor Expansion Program
For: CWB Africa.

International Contact center (USA) +18055001313
Central relief coordinating center: 23, Simpson Street, Bookshop House, Lagos Island. Nigeria
Tel: +2349022275144

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