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Local position: Research & Analytics


15-56 LDR, Research & Analytics (Application Deadline: December 8, 2015)
Engineering and Research

        Posted: November 10, 2015
        New Westminster, BC, Canada

Status: Regular Full Time, Exempt

Reports To: Director, Risk Knowledge Advancement


Principal Accountabilities:

    Leads the research program and fact based knowledge development at BCSA. Systematically builds, maintains and makes available a body of knowledge around corporate priorities for public safety, stakeholder behaviour, and client needs.

    Ensures the use of proper methods and techniques to derive scientifically valid conclusions. Oversees complex analyses conducted within the research team, including reporting; guides and supports research work conducted in other parts of the organization.

    Defines business issues and opportunities as research problems and communicates research findings as actionable business items. Defines research problems in such a way that it supports decision making on strategic and operational issues.

    Leads the development of performance measures and indicators to systematically capture data that is needed for decision-making and for monitoring the effects of decisions. Leads the building, maintenance, and optimizing of models that describe, forecast, or predict outcomes.  

    Leads the development of knowledge with regard to safety management tools effectiveness, and supports other leaders within the organization in using this knowledge when selecting and applying tools.

    Actively supports the development of a “culture of research” throughout the organization, in which facts are systematically collected and used to improve safety, reduce operating cost, and maximize value for clients.

    Provides communication and education content from research and analysis outcomes. Uses plain language to communicate the results of statistical or otherwise complex analyses.

    Maintains relationships with researchers employed at other regulators, educational institutions, and BCSA clients to develop best practices in data collection, analysis, and the communication of research findings.

    Manages, recruits and selects employees, including interviewing applicants and who will be hired; plans, assigns and monitors employees’ activities; initiates and applies corrective performance measures, including counselling, training, and disciplining employees up to and including suspensions from employment, as well as recommending more serious disciplinary actions, including termination of employment. 

    Provides input on relevant employment and labour relations; interprets and applies the provisions of the collective agreement; represents the employer at the first step of the grievance procedure in grievances dealing with employees he or she manages. Identifies issues relevant to employees in the collective agreement to be addressed in negotiations and proposes appropriate changes to the collective agreement. 

    Develops and administers performance measurements and standards for employees; manages employee leaves, ensuring adequate coverage; appraises the volume of employees’ work and redistributes as needed.


Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

    Requires a Master’s degree in applied mathematics or discipline that relies heavily on the use of models, digitized data, and statistics.

    Diversified experience in the field of research including analytics, modelling, experiments, statistical tests, root cause analysis, reliability analysis, quantitative risk assessment with 5 -10 (preferably ten) years of experience in applied research setting.

    Leadership and program management skills demonstrated in professional work setting

    Extensive knowledge of working with large data sets, defining critical tests, and conducting experiments.

    Excellent understanding of statistical methods, risk assessment, and modeling techniques.

    Experience with independently gathering and evaluating statistical information and operating results, and identifying trends using analytical tools and software packages.

    Excellent presentation, communication and relationship building skills with both technical professionals and senior management. Ability to adapt style and content smoothly to audience.

    Ability to access and analyze a significant number of diverse information sources and succinct, accurate write-ups of assessment findings in plain language.

    Experience in managing technical professionals and leading small teams while ensuring that company goals are attained.

    Knowledge of effective management techniques including recruiting and selecting, training, coaching, mentoring, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating employees.

    Knowledge of labour relations and collective agreement administration an asset.

    Experience in the development, analysis and implementation of strategic/business plans.

    Strong decision making, and verbal and written communications skills.

*Please note:  As the system is in development, competitions will remain visible past the application deadline.  Only applications sent prior to the deadline will be considered. Likewise, please note that only short listed candidates will be contacted. We will start reviewing applications 2 weeks after posting.