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Dear stat-jobs-archive,Custom peptide synthesis quote

 Dear professor stat-jobs-archive,    

  Hi, Sorry for any inconvenience if this e-mail bothers you, and please let me know.Thank you for your time in advance.  

  We are specialized in synthesizing peptides.Peptide APIs. Peptide Modification. Peptide Libraries. Small molecule compounds synthesis company.

   and we have been cooperating with the some institutes and universities .companies both domestic and overseas.  

  Quality is always our top priority and we will issue a refund or exchange, at no cost to you, if any peptides that do not reach the specified requirements.You could payment after delivery.

  Could you send me the peptide sequence.purity and quantity if you have any peptides need to synthesis recently.I'll give you a reasonable quote.

  We would like to have an opportunity to work with you for your peptide project.


Company Name: Hangzhou Dangang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.(DgPeptides. Co., Ltd)

English websiteshttp://www.dgpeptides.com/en

Order Service Process
Peptide order: order by telephone, e-mails or fax.  Once confirmed the sequence and quantityand the purity of synthetic peptides, we provide an prompt accurate quotation.
Contract creation: sign the contract and a confidential agreement (drawn up by us) if necessary. 
Order placing:  Customers send order to our sales mailbox, and then order is placed automatically,and production begins in accordance with information provided by clients.  

Production Progress is being reported to our clients twice weekly including schedule, quality control data, difficulty problems and solutions.
Peptide delivery:  Products Can not be ready to delivery unless passing QA. Tracking numberand related information is sent to customer the very day . Free-issue qualified HPLC, MS,COA reports,Quality Control including:eligible purity,synthesis quantity,molecular weight,solubility and so on((NMR,IR,ultraviolet and elements analysis,moisture content testing and amino acid analysis services, if required) 
Post services:  problems submitted in 1-2 weeks, we provided free issue retest , and sales return for unqualified products. Unqualified goods retesting in 1-3 month
for free, and store samples for 3 months. Online answers for any problems.

Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to your reply.
All the best
Ruby Shang
FeiJiaTang Road 588, Downtown,Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province,China.
Fax:   +86-0571-87551569
QQ: 2727141917
E-mail:dg032@dgpeptides.com or dgpeptidesruby@yeah.net