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Fwd: Biostatistician ?

Good opportunity

Cheers, Richard

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From: Viviane Dias Lima <vlima@cfenet.ubc.ca>
Date: December 1, 2015 at 4:37:25 PM PST
To: Richard Lockhart <lockhart@sfu.ca>
Subject: Re: Biostatistician ?

Dear Dr. Lockhart,

That would be great. I have attached a job posting with the qualifications that we are looking for.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


Viviane Dias Lima, MSc, PhD

MSFHR Career Investigator

CIHR New Investigator

Assistant Professor
Division of AIDS, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Research Scientist / Senior Statistician
HIV/AIDS Drug Treatment Program
British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
St. Paul’s Hospital
608-1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6Z 1Y6
Tel: 1-604-806-8796
Fax: 1-604-806-9044


From: "Richard Lockhart" <lockhart@sfu.ca>
To: "vlima" <vlima@cfenet.ubc.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 3:49:15 PM
Subject: Biostatistician ?

Dear Viviane:

Bob Hogg passed on to me your search for a recent grad to do biostatistics for you at the Centre of Excellence.  I would like to suggest that I forward your email and Bob’s to a job list we maintain for students and recent grads.  I can’t be sure who might be looking for an opportunity but it reaches a reasonable supply of statisticians.  Shall I go ahead with that?

Cheers, Richard

Richard Lockhart, Professor

Stat & Act Sci; Simon Fraser Univ.     
Phone:  (778) 782-3264
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6                     FAX:    (778) 782-4368
e-mail:   lockhart@sfu.ca

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