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Fwd: DataOps job at Unbounce

Sharla is a recent grad from SFU, she’s very happy with her employer and wants you to join her.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharla Gelfand <sharla.gelfand@unbounce.com>
Subject: DataOps job at Unbounce
Date: February 11, 2016 at 4:49:11 PM PST

Hey Dave,

Hope you're well!

Wanted to reach out and see if you could pass on a job opportunity at Unbounce, where I'm working (and love!). It's a DataOps developer position (http://careers.unbounce.com/dataops-developer/). The description is a little daunting but we're definitely open to training someone on the right tools -- a programming/data driven mind and fit are super important for this role.

If you wouldn't mind passing it on to the jobs list within the stat department, and any other contacts you have, that would be great! If you can think of anyone who might be interested or be a good fit, I can serve as an intro to the team and the folks involved in the hiring process here.


Sharla Gelfand
Product + UX Data Analyst

400-401 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC