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Fwd: [d-ssc] Job opportunity : Statistical Research Assistant

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From: "Robert Platt, Dr." <robert.platt@mcgill.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] Job opportunity : Statistical Research Assistant
Date: May 13, 2016 at 8:56:45 AM PDT

We are looking for a dynamic candidate with SAS programming experience and interest in epidemiology/public health who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. The candidate would be responsible for SAS Programming and analysis for several epidemiological studies using large electronic medical records databases. Specific responsibilities will include:

• Assess feasibility to conduct studies using the different databases.
• Provide SAS programming support for a broad range of epidemiologic and pharmacoepidemiologic studies using several large databases.
• Perform extensive data management to generate analytical data sets
• Conduct required statistical analyses.
• Display analysis results in tabular or graphic formats suitable for presentations or publications.
• All other relevant duties as assigned.

• Completion of a Master‘s Degree in statistics, biostatistics, or equivalent.
• Related experience in research and statistical analyses is essential.
• Advanced level in SAS.
• Advanced skill in Microsoft Excel and Word is considered an asset.
• Knowledge of statistical methods and analysis and relational databases.
• Knowledge of epidemiology is considered an asset.
• Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and written.
• Ability to extract, manipulate, and analyze complex data.
• Ability to work under pressure, and ability to prioritize, multi-task, and manage multiple complex projects in a fast-paced work environment.
• Ability to compile and generate a variety of reports incorporating research techniques using primary and secondary resources.
• Ability to work independently and as a member of a team — working harmoniously with others.
• Ability to use technology and problem-solving skills to provide information needed in decision making, with accuracy and in a timely fashion.
• Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
• Project management skills – ability to manage a variety of concurrent projects with minimal supervision; problem solving and decision-making skills.

The position offers a competitive salary with benefits that is commensurate with experience. Please email your curriculum vitae and cover letter to:

Robert Platt, PhD
Albert Boehringer I Chair in Pharmacoepidemiology

C/O Melissa Dahan
Division of Clinical Epidemiology
Jewish General Hospital/McGill University
3755 Cote Ste Catherine, Suite H485
Montreal, Quebec H3T 1E2 Canada
Phone: (514) 340-8222 x 4561
Fax: (514) 340-7564
Email: Melissa.dahan@ladydavis.ca
Website: http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/epidemiology/platt/


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