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Fwd: [d-ssc] Fw: Health Services Research Scientist Position: Health Services & Policy Core Canadian HepC Network

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Subject: [d-ssc] Fw: Health Services Research Scientist Position: Health Services & Policy Core Canadian HepC Network

Dear SSC colleagues, 

This position for a Health Services Research Scientist is asking for a post graduate degree in Statistics, Please pass it along to recent graduates who might be interested. 


Dena Schanzer, MSc, P.Stat. 
SSC Mentorship co-ordinator 


Senior Statistician, Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Branch 
Public Health Agency of Canada, Government of Canada 
Dena.Schanzer@phac-aspc.gc.ca / Tel : 613-948-1210 Cell: 613-866-1692 

Analyste principale des statistiques 
Direction générale de prévention et contrôle des maladies infectieuses 
Agence de la santé publique du Canada, Gouvernement du Canada 
Dena.Schanzer@phac-aspc.gc.ca / Tél : 613-948-1210 Cell: 613-866-1692 

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Cc: "Krajden, Mel" <Mel.Krajden@bccdc.ca> 
Date: 2016-06-16 03:29 PM 
Subject: Health Services Research Scientist Position: Health Services & Policy Core Canadian HepC Network 

Dear All, 

The position for Health Services Research Scientist for working with Health services and Policy Core has been posted. Posting and job description is available on UBC website at the following link: www.staffcareers.ubc.ca/23708 . I have also pasted the description below. 

Can I ask you to pass it on to your students and network. 

Thank you. 

Naveed Zafar Janjua, MBBS, MSc, DrPH 
Senior Scientist, Clinical Prevention Services, BC Centre for Disease Control 
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia 
655 West 12th Avenue 
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R4 
Tel: 604-707-2514 
Fax: 604-707-2401 
Email: naveed.janjua@bccdc.ca 
Web: www.bccdc.ca | http://bchtc.med.ubc.ca/ | www.spph.ubc.ca 


Job Posting : Health Services Research Scientist 				
	Job ID: 	
	Location: 	Vancouver - Hospital Site 
	Employment Group: 
	Management&Professional (AAPS) 
	Job Category: 
	Statistical Analysis 
	Classification Title: 
	Statistical Analysis, Level B 
	Business Title: 
	Health Services Research Scientist 
	Faculty of Medicine 
	Centre for Disease Control 
	Salary Range: 	
	$62,912.00 (minimum) - $75,523.00 (midpoint) - $90,630.00 (maximum) 	
	Full/Part Time: 	Full-Time 
	Desired Start Date: 
	Job End Date: 
	Funding Type: 
	Grant Funded 

	Closing Date: 	
	Available Openings: 	
	Job Summary 
	We are seeking a health services researcher who, working with a team of investigators in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and other members of Canadian Hepatitis C Network ( http://canhepc.ca/ ) will lead standardized assessment of health status using linked health services, laboratory and registry databases to characterize hepatitis C disease burden and impact of hepatitis C treatment and other interventions on hepatitis C in various population groups. This person will be involved in design of algorithms defining health conditions and studies including modeling to validate algorithms and application to assess outcomes. The position is based at BC Centre for Disease Control in British Columbia but involves communication and limited travel to Ontario to work with researchers at Institute of Clinical and Evaluative Sciences (ICES) or other Canadian jurisdictions. The work requires strong background and experience in analysis or working with health services databases such as medical services plan, hospitalization (Discharge Abstract Database), prescription drugs, cancer registry, and vital statistics data. The position offers opportunities for collaborative working with other epidemiologists, statisticians, analysts, and senior scientists and physicians at the BCCDC, ICES, Canadian Hepatitis C Network's Health Services and Policy Core and other collaborating cores. 

	Organizational Status 
	Reports to the Senior Scientist and Medical Lead Hepatitis at the BC Centre for Disease Control. Liaises with other BCCDC researchers, physicians, statisticians, and epidemiologists. 

	Work Performed 
	- Designs and develops health assessment measures based on diagnostic codes in health services and administrative databases. 
- Conducts studies including modelling to validate algorithms and application of these algorithms in health outcome assessments. 
- Responsible for development, validation and standardization of definitions and coding algorithms across collaborating provinces. 
- Assesses existing administrative datasets and capacities of provinces participating in Health Services and Policy Core of Canadian Hepatitis C. 
- Reviews and updates literature and identifies best practices to measure various health attributes using health services databases. 
- Coordinates harmonization of analysis plans and analyses describing disease burden, trends and outcomes across collaborating provinces. 
- Working with database managers, epidemiologists in other Canadian Hepatitis C Network Cores (clinical and epidemiology), to develop process for linkage of clinical and epidemiology data with linked datasets such as BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort. 
- Designs and coordinates data linkage across various datasets. 
- Participates in acquiring additional datasets for linkage. 
- Writes publications and grant proposals. 

	Supervision Received 
	Oversight will be provided by the PI, however the position requires a strong independent work ethic and a candidate capable of setting their own directions and priorities within a collaborative framework to achieve agree upon milestones and timelines. 

	Supervision Given 
	May be asked to supervise placement, co-op, and directed studies students in biostatistics, public health, and epidemiology. 

	Consequence of Error/Judgement 
	Accountable for the timely, accurate, and responsible analysis of patient, population, and pathogen data with important public health implications for disease control. 

	Post-graduate degree in Statistics. MSc or PhD in epidemiology, health services, public health, or biostatistics with strong health services research and epidemiology background. Minimum of three years experience in research analysis or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Three (3) years of recent related experience including experience in design, analysis and interpretation of health services related data. A strong background in linkage and analysis of large health services datasets. A strong background in assessment and measurements of health characteristics using Canadian health services databases and issues related to measurements and harmonization across settings. Experience of working with blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis B, C or HIV are desirable. Knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical requirements for data sharing and linkage. Understanding/skills in data management, statistical analysis, and reporting tools/programs. Demonstrated creativity in research and communication activities. Exceptional written, oral, and visual communication skills. Strong evidence of self-directed, self-motivated and independent research skills. Ability to develop, prioritize, implement and oversee multiple time-sensitive research projects. 	




UBC hires on the basis of merit and is strongly committed to equity and diversity within its community. We especially welcome applications from visible minority group members, women, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and others with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with diverse communities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. 	

			Apply at www.staffcareers.ubc.ca/23708 . 


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