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Fwd: Sr Surveillance Analyst, Alberta

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Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:29:04 AM
Subject: Sr Surveillance Analyst, Alberta

Dear Colleagues:

Please see the posting for the Sr Surveillance Analyst position in
Surveillance & Reporting, C-MORE, CancerControl Alberta. This is a full
time permanent position based in either Holy Cross, Calgary or Sun Life,


Applicants need to apply directly to this website to be considered.


Karen Kopciuk

Surveillance & Reporting develops and provides analysis and evidence to
drive improvements in Cancer Control Alberta that will reduce the burden
of cancer in Albertans. Surveillance and Reporting, C-MORE is a department
of Cancer Control Alberta which focuses on analyzing cancer data on cancer
diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for the purpose of surveillance,
performance measurement and patient pathways. Some of the work we do
includes national reporting, collaboration on projects to improve patient
outcomes, data requests and published reports.

Job Description:
Reporting to the Director, Surveillance & Reporting (S&R), Cancer
Measurement Outcomes Research & Evaluations (C-MORE), the Senior
Surveillance Analyst analyzes and interprets information concerning cancer
occurrences and cancer care in Alberta.  They will work as a key member
responsible for analysis, interpretation and reporting of cancer-related
data as well as assisting with the development of advanced methods.  They
are a key member of the S&R team working at a senior level providing
technical statistical and epidemiological support in response to complex
projects and queries from clients across all levels of the organization.
This position is a full-time permanent position and can be based out of
either Holy Cross, Calgary or Sun Life Building, Edmonton.

All Management and Out Of Scope positions are being reviewed for possible
inclusion in the AUPE General Support Services bargaining unit. If this
position is impacted, the incumbent will be notified accordingly.

Research Scientist/Statistician
 Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,
   CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services
and Adjunct Associate Professor,
Departments of Oncology, & Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Dept of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research
CancerControl Alberta, AHS
521 Holy Cross Centre
2210 2nd Street, SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2S 3C3 Canada

Phone: (403) 698-8051  (HCC) (M,Tu,We,Fr)
       (403) 210-7631 (HMRB) Thursdays
Fax:   (403) 476-2654
e-mail: kakopciu@ucalgary.ca
website: www.epi-research.org