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Providing protein

stat-jobs-archive@sfu.ca ,Hello,

I'm just curious that whether the project of your laboratory need our company's products?Peptide Synthesis、Peptide APIs、Peptide Modification、Peptide Libraries、Peptide Arrays、Protein _expression_、Antibody preparation.

Company Name: Hangzhou Dangang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.(DgPeptides. Co., Ltd)

English websites:http://www.dgpeptides.com/en

Main project:
Peptide synthesis:
* 2 amino acids peptide to 189 amino acids peptide
Peptide Modification:
*Isotope Labeling, Phosphorylation, Cyclization and so on
Peptide Libraries:
*1-4 mg ( 5-9 mg, 10-20 mg are also available) for each peptide
* Peptide length of 5-20 AA
* Certificate of Analysis, RP-HPLC(optional) and mass spectrum for each peptide
* Modifications including biotin, fluorescence, and unnatural amino acid etc.
* 2-3 weeks typical turnaround time
Peptide Purity:
 *From crude to 99%

Quality is always our top priority and we will issue a refund or exchange, at no cost to you, if any peptides that do not reach the specified requirements,every peptide from DgPeptides is tested by Mass spectrum and HPLC chromatogram, and the quality analysis data sheet is being provided to our customers.

Order Service Process
Peptide order: order by telephone, emails or fax.  Once confirmed the sequence and quantityand the purity of synthetic peptides, we provide an prompt accurate quotation.
Contract creation: sign the contract and a confidential agreement (drawn up by us) if necessary.

 Delivery time:around 2-3 weeks except the special conditions.

Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Shuang Xu
Address:FeiJiaTang Road 588, Downtown,Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province,China.
Fax:   +86-0571-87551569
QQ: 2050754611
E-mail:dg052@dgpeptides.com or dgpeptideshui@163.com