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Hey Friend,

I am a longtime Marketing/PR colleague and I’d love to get your feedback on something I’ve been working on.  I’ve spent almost 30 years helping clients boost their visibility, but despite my experience and track-record, I’m still dogged by people asking: “Can I buy you lunch and pick your brain.” I know this resonates with you as well. Too many people think nothing of asking us to provide our time, experience, perspective and expertise for the cost of a sandwich.

I’ve come to the recognition that the answer is to work with many of those small business owners, not as a consultant, but as a business coach and charge for our wisdom and counsel.

Today, I’m sort of taking the pulse of my fellow Marketing/PR professionals. Would you please take two minutes and watch this short explainer video? I would love to know if this resonates with you.



David Avrin, CSP 

David Avrin, CSP - The Visibility Coach

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