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Fwd: Faculty position, Center for Computational Biology, UC Berkeley

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From: Sandrine Dudoit <sandrine@stat.berkeley.edu>
Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 11:54 PM
Subject: Faculty position, Center for Computational Biology, UC Berkeley
To: Xuan Quach <xuquach@berkeley.edu>

Dear Colleagues,

The Center for Computational Biology at the University of California, Berkeley is seeking to fill the faculty position described on the websites
https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/apply/JPF01128 (for Assistant Professor level)
https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/apply/JPF01129 (for Associate Professor level)
and in the attached PDF file.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could advertise this position and recommend suitable candidates.
Applicants should direct all queries to MCBsearch.committee@berkeley.edu.

With thanks and best regards,

Sandrine Dudoit, PhD 
Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics
Chair and Head Graduate Advisor, Graduate Group in Biostatistics
University of California, Berkeley
101 Haviland Hall, #7358
Berkeley, CA 94720-7358

E-mail: sandrine@stat.berkeley.edu
Tel: (510) 643-1108
Fax: (510) 643-5163
WWW: www.stat.berkeley.edu/~sandrine

Derek Bingham
Dept. of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University

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