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Fwd: [d-ssc] Postdoctoral Position: "Detecting Clinically-Relevant Mutations from Sequencing of Lung Cancer Biopsies"

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Subject: [d-ssc] Postdoctoral Position: "Detecting Clinically-Relevant Mutations from Sequencing of Lung Cancer Biopsies"

Postdoctoral Position: "Detecting Clinically-Relevant Mutations from Sequencing of Lung Cancer Biopsies" 


The Perkins Lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute / University of Ottawa is seeking a skilled and enthusiastic Postdoctoral Fellow to work on a project evaluating different approaches to the detection of clinically relevant mutations in high-throughput DNA sequencing of cancer biopsies. Specifically, the project concerns non-small cell lung cancer, and will involve: evaluating the success of detection of mutations in both mock and real patient samples; assessing detection limits from heterogeneous samples; evaluating different high-throughput sequencing platforms and different detection pipelines; and designing a panel of clinically relevant mutations. At the end of the project, we expect our findings to be put into practice in the molecular oncology diagnostic laboratory of the Ottawa Hospital and other participating units. The position is available immediately, will remain open until filled, and is renewable for up to three years. 


Candidates should have background in at least some of the following: Bioinformatics, (Bio)Statistics, Machine Learning or Computational Biology. Strength in statistical aspects of high-throughput sequencing is a particular asset. 


The Perkins Lab specializes in Bioinformatics and Machine Learning, particularly for high-throughput data aimed at understanding gene regulation and dysregulation in stem cells and cancer. The lab is located at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, within the world-class Sprott Center for Stem Cell Research, next door to Ottawa's high-throughput sequencing facility, StemCore, and one building over from the Center Research Center. Lab members conduct "pure" research on topics such as machine learning, bioinformatics, and stochastic processes. We also have many active collaborations on cutting-edge questions in stem cell and cancer biology. 

To learn more about the lab, see: www.perkinslab.ca 


If you are interested, please send (1) your c.v., (2) transcript(s) and (3) a brief cover letter or explanation of interests to Dr. Perkins at: theodore.j.perkins@gmail.com . He will attempt to be responsive to all inquiries. 

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Perkins at: theodore.j.perkins@gmail.com . 


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