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Re: ICES (Toronto)

Just to follow up on Rachel's message below, I contacted Erin about potential deadline extensions. She responded with good news that the ICES HR department has actually extended the post for the second analyst position (they'll be identical ads) until December 9th to accommodate end-of-term crunch for grad student applicants.

Thanks to Rachel for bringing this to our attention.


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My cousin (Erin Graves) works with ICES in Toronto and sent me the information below about an opening there. Please reply to the job ad or contact her directly if interested. 


I am wondering if you might have any students interested in an analytic position here at ICES (in Toronto)? We have some super interesting high profile projects coming up for a pilot private section data provision/research program that we've launched and are now pilot testing... depending on how it goes the funding will be renewed and then the contract extended. For now, though, it's just a one-year contract but we are trying to hire two analysts ideally for January. It is going to be really interesting work, some opportunity for different methodological approaches and input with a great team (including me!). What we're looking for is really a great programmer with a good personality- we can train the rest. 

Any help is greatly appreciated- and sorry for the quick timeline to the close of the position. If someone is interested but isn't able to get an application together prior to the deadline, they could send it to me at my work email ( erin.graves@ices.on.ca ) as long as it's not too late into next week. 

Link to the official job ad: