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Fwd: Faculty and Sessional Instructor positions at UFV


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From: mathstat head <mathstat.head@ufv.ca>
Subject: Faculty and Sessional Instructor positions at UFV
Date: December 1, 2016 at 10:38:59 AM PST

Hi Richard, 
I hope you are doing well.  I'm writing to let you know of a wealth of opportunities here at UFV for PhD and Post-doctoral students who have some experience teaching statistics.
First and foremost, we have a permanent faculty position posted, to begin next August.  Permanent faculty here teach 6 courses per year, or 5 with an approved research release.  The closing date for applications is January 6.  Local candidates who have teaching experience with good student evaluations stand a decent chance of being short-listed, as we have limited funds to bring in candidates from far away.  Our two most recent permanent hires have been from SFU (Stats, 2015) and from UVic/UBC (Math & Math Ed, 2016).  

Our lower-level courses are mainly offered as service courses to students in programs such as  Science, Arts, Business, Computer Information Systems, Criminology, and Nursing.  Our upper-level courses support students in our Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Data Analysis, our Math Major and Math Minor (Stats Option) programs, and our new Minor in Applied Statistics, which begins in Fall of 2017.  The Faculty of Science at UFV is also in the process of creating a Masters in Integrated Science and Technology (MIST) degree, in which graduate students will study two science disciplines at the Masters level.  Statistics and Mathematics are each among these disciplines, so we look forward to faculty soon having the opportunity to deliver 700-level courses and supervise graduate students.  Descriptions and official course outlines of all of our statistics courses can be found in our Academic Calendar: https://www.ufv.ca/calendar/current/.

Permanent Faculty Posting 2016.169:
Second, we have an ongoing need for sessional instructors, due to rapid growth in recent years in our Business and Computing Information Systems programs.  Currently our introductory statistics course sections (STAT 104 and STAT 106) for Winter 2017 have over 200 waitlisted students.  We will introduce up to two more sections of each of those courses as soon as we can find more qualified instructors.  There is a sessional instructor posting whose closing date has officially passed, but applications will still be considered, and our hiring committee will interview promising candidates as soon as possible.  

This is an excellent opportunity for PhD and Post-doctoral students to gain extra teaching experience at a local institution, managing all aspects of a class (with guidance), but trusted to work independently.  Class size max is 36 for all of our courses.  They meet 4 hours per week, with 1/3 of that time in a lab.  These classes would include Minitab in the curriculum.
Finally, we will likely have one or more 1-year Limited Term Appointment positions for the 2017-2018 year.  These are designed as faculty replacement positions, but are often available to our department due to the high demand in our courses.  They include 6 courses of instruction over the academic year, likely including one upper-level course, as well as a service component.  Qualifications for these are similar to the above permanent and sessional positions.  Once approved, they would be be posted on our Careers site: http://ufv.ca/hr/careers.
We would greatly appreciate if you could pass this information along to any of your students who might be interested.  Please feel free to simply forward this email.

Dr. Ian Affleck 
Department Head, Mathematics and Statistics
University of the Fraser Valley