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Fwd: [mbi-announce] MBI Postdoctoral positions - deadline approaching

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Subject: [mbi-announce] MBI Postdoctoral positions - deadline approaching
MBI Postdoctoral Fellows

Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) is accepting applications for 
Postdoctoral Fellows to start September 2017. 

MBI postdoctoral fellows engage in a two-year integrated program of 
tutorials, working seminars, workshops, and interactions with their 
mathematical and bioscience mentors.  These activities are geared 
toward providing the tools to pursue an independent research program 
with an emphasis on collaborative research in the mathematical biosciences. 
MBI facilitated activities are tailored to the needs of each postdoctoral fellow. 

Applying for an MBI Postdoctoral Fellowship: 

Applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship completed before 
December 5, 2016 are guaranteed to receive full consideration. 

Applications for an MBI Postdoctoral Fellowship should be submitted 
https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/mbi . 

For additional information please contact Rebecca Martin ( rebecca@mbi.osu.edu 
or 614-688-3519 ) or visit http://mbi.osu.edu/participate/postdoctoral-fellow/  . 

MBI receives major funding from the National Sciences Foundation Division 
of Mathematical Sciences and is supported by The Ohio State University. 
Mathematical Biosciences Institute adheres to AA/EOE guidelines.