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Fwd: [d-ssc] Ministry of Education career opportunity - Chief Psychometrician - Victoria BC

Richard Lockhart,  Professor

Stat & Act Sci; Simon Fraser Univ.     Phone:  (778) 782-3264
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6                     FAX:    (778) 782-4368
e-mail:   lockhart@sfu.ca

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From: "McCullough, Jennifer PSA:EX" <Jennifer.McCullough@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] Ministry of Education career opportunity - Chief Psychometrician - Victoria BC
Date: February 8, 2017 at 7:04:35 PM GMT



BC Public Service
Ministry of Education
Chief Psychometrician
Bring your specialized knowledge and experience to this key educational role
Salary: $72,095.17 - 82,478.97 annually

The focus of the Learning Modernization Project is the movement to increasingly personalized learning, which is enabled and supported by quality teaching and learning, flexibility and choice, and high standards. This includes the redesign of: provincial curriculum, assessment, reporting, and graduation requirements. Transforming Education’s core business affects every student, parent, teacher, administrator and Education partner organization in the province. 

As the Chief Psychometrician you would be planning, implementing, managing and monitoring all psychometric and technical requirements of BC’s large-scale assessment programs; ensuring the accuracy of data; collaborating with program managers and test developers to support the program with routine psychometric services; suggesting and leading additional research studies to strengthen the program; working closely with content experts to improve and expand current assessments; participating in the design and development of new assessments; writing technical reports and other documentation; participating in design of internal research and test development processes/systems; writing research reports, and making presentations at various sessions. 
Qualifications for this role include:
·         Graduate degree in educational measurement, psychometrics, statistics or a related field, plus a minimum of three years’ experience working on large-scale testing programs.
·         Experience with analysis, interpretation and results reporting of large scale testing programs.
·         Must have experience in IRT-based scoring methods, test form equating, standard setting and validity studies.
·         Experience in supporting content specialists in their work of test development.
·         Must have experience in handling last data sets and a demonstrable experience in large scale data analysis.
·         Experience utilizing psychometric methods, statistical procedures and application of classical test theory and item response theory.

To learn more, including how to apply online, please visit:
Attention: only applications submitted through the BC Public Service’s employment website (see link above) will be accepted.



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