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Exploding among bloggers and style enthusiasts

Title: Exploding among bloggers and style enthusiasts
Anyone can earn commission when their showcase leads to clicks or sales as opposed to the rule before which was to only allow the Official Publishers earn commission.
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Hi stat-jobs-archive,

Thanks to you! Our app has been exploding among bloggers and style enthusiasts and we are just few more installs shy from reaching one million users worldwide!

To celebrate this success we are offering a chance to unlock a new exciting opportunity. Once unlocked, the new feature will include our entire envicase community to earn affiliate commission alongside our official publishers. Any Envicase user will be able to earn affiliate commission when their showcase leads to clicks or sales.
*See Below For the New Earnings Chart
Below is the screenshot of how our new UI will look like:
So fire up your phone and make some noise! In order to unlock this feature we are asking everyone to join in our hashtag project to spread the word. Please post a photo using the hashtag #ShopMyEnvicase both on Envicase and Instagram. The reward will be unlocked when we reach 50k hashtags on Instagram.
We have so far given away more than $100k to our users and we hope to see this number grow as we grow together. So best of luck!
In addition, we are still working hard to provide the best monetization platform for you. Please wait a little longer!

-Envicase Team-

Show and Earn!
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