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First Batch of Official Publishers

Title: First Batch of Official Publishers
Only few slots left! We're finalizing our selection for the Official Publishers this March!
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Hi stat-jobs-archive,
Did you know? In the past two months, almost 20,000 photos have been shared with hashtag #ShopMyEnvicase and more than 10,000 influencers across the globe have applied to be a part of our Publisher Reward Program.
Throughout this month, Envicase will be finalizing the first official publishers selections so if you haven't applied yet, there is still time. Post a photo both on Envicase and Instagram continuously with the hashtag #ShopMyEnvicase. :)
If you are selected as our candidate, you will receive a formal invitation which will guide you through the process. Keep it up!
Thanks for your participation. 
-Envicase Team-
Show and Earn!
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