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Publisher Reward Program Update

Title: Publisher Reward Program Update
Quick update on the status of the Publisher Reward Program:
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Hi stat-jobs-archive,

In case you're wondering, here's a quick update on the status of the Publisher Reward Program:
Envicase v3.0, which includes multi-item tagging and your ability to start making commission on your showcase will be lauched at the end of April.
We are in the process of developing the web version of the personal showrooms which is expected to arrive at the end of April as well.
We will be sending out formal invitations to the first batch of Official Publishers who will be making 100% commission on their showcases shortly so keep an eye out. :)
We still have the 'Unlock hashtag #Shopmyenvicase' campaign going on so even if you don't make the first batch of the Official Publishers, you still have the chance to earn 50% of the comission once we reach 50k hashtag both on Envicase and Instagram!

That's it for now. We apologize for any delay in the process. 
We will do our best for your pleasure.
-Envicase Team-
Show and Earn!
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