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It Regards To Your Website....!?

Hi Sir/Ma’am,
I hope you're well.

I am
 Priya, and I was doing some research on some of your competitors when I came across your site; 

Looks like you have a solid brand and a well-established company. I ran an analysis on your site using one of our software and I have found some areas and simple coding issues that are harming your search rankings.

Would you be interested in free initial analysis report and keywords suggestion list with Google page 1 projection? I am more than happy to send it to you (free of charge of course) all I want is the opportunity to discuss how I could help improve the profitability and search traffic to your site? 

Do let us know. If you are interested to know more about our client’s testimonials, service methodology and pricing details.

I hope, you will be Interested for my services so I await your reply.
Are you free this week to discuss? 

Kind Regards, 
[Sales Head]