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Biostatistician position, UBC

Listed under "Biostatistical Researcher" on the UBC jobs site at http://www.hr.ubc.ca/jobs/staff.php ...

	Job ID: 27186 	 
	Location: 	Vancouver - Hospital Site
	Employment Group: Management&Professional (AAPS)
	Job Category: Statistical Analysis
	Classification Title: Statistical Analysis, Level A
	Business Title: Biostatistical Researcher
	VP/Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
	Department: Paediatrics
	Salary Range: $59,632.00 (minimum) - $71,588.00 (midpoint) - $85,904.00 (maximum) 	
	Full/Part Time: 	Full-Time
	Desired Start Date: 2017/10/01
	Job End Date: 2018/09/30
	Funding Type: Grant Funded
	Closing Date: 	2017/08/15 	
	Available Openings: 1