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SEO Leads Selling.

Hi SEO Company,


We are India Based SEO Leads Provider.

We can provide you 20-25 Leads in a day of any country Like: - AU, USA, Canada,  UK ,China, New Zealand and etc. Our leads will be 100% genuine.


Each SEO Leads has requested information about an SEO project and are actively looking to hire an SEO Service to help them with Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services. After receiving the lead we will forward for further action.

We have good number of employees for email marketing. We are able to generate high quality SEO leads by filling out the contact forms through Google Search.


We don’t send our leads to 2 people because there is no worth in that. We don’t work on cleaning companies.

We mostly work on ecommerce websites, dentists, limousine companies and etc. We have great team who can deliver your order on the time.


Because if we serve well we will get more order from you.


Wayne Petridis | wayne.seotech1@gmail.com