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Statistics Canada Info Session

Dear all,

Please refer to the message below. Attending this session could make a difference in your life.

Sadika Jungic, Manager
Academic and Administrative Services
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive,
Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6

Phone 778-782-3665 
Room #10543 SSC
email: sjungic@sfu.ca

Students must RSVP for this session via myExperience https://myexperience.sfu.ca/events.htm?evtId=455

By expanding on your knowledge, you can help change the landscape of our organization, foster meaningful change for Canada's economy, environment, social programs and more. And let's not forget, you can help decision-makers formulate needed policies for our society and our economy. 

For further information, please visit Statistics Canada website. 

Careers at Statistics Canada: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/employment/recruit/recruit


Target (New Graduates & Alumni) 
-Statistics / Data Analytics / Big Data / Data Science

Date: TueSep 19th 
Time:  5:00pm - 6:30pm 
Location:  BLU 10011 Burnaby Campus