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Real Estate Token

**Official Announcement from the Real Estate team**
Real Estate Token Special-Sale is OPEN NOW!

We are pleased to announce that all the registered members can now buy tokens at a special rate of 2000 per 1 ETH.
Special-sale will last 48 hours or until special-sale hard cap is reached (10000 ETH).

The minimum contribution is 0.5 ETH and the maximum contribution is 500 ETH.

Contribution Bonuses:

20+ ETH = 5% BONUS
50+ ETH = 12.5% BONUS
100+ ETH = 30% BONUS
200+ ETH = 70% BONUS
300+ ETH = 100% BONUS

CONTRACT ADDRESS - 0x98e29dDa34a0eeBb133A92dC75591ccC291F1943

Please note that you will see your tokens on your ETH address where you sent from.

Recommended - Gas limit: 200,000 | Gas price: 21 Gwei

Our website - https://www.real.markets/

Thank you for your continuous support,
Your Real Estate Team