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Win to fame your showcases and monetize with brand sponsor

Title: Win to fame your showcases and monetize with brand sponsor
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We will be reborn as the best showcase community and monetization platform for you.
Stand up to your own hashtag community to win your fame and compensation.
Hi stat-jobs-archive, 
Envicase will be reborn into social community based on shopping interests. We are going to introduce hashtags and leaderboards in the coming spring. If you attach favorite hashtags on your contents, your rank will be updated on the leaderboard depending on the number of Envy. When you or your content is ranked top, you can get the advertising PageView compensation on the leaderboard. That being said, you can be the biggest shareholder of the hashtag and community.
● How it works
Step 1: Enter 3 hashtags in single item.
Step 2: Get the envies from others. 
Step 3: Raise your rank and keep the crown in your hashtag community.
                 *The next version available
  • iOS: http://appsto.re/us/eJJ84.i
  • Android: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.envicase
Envicase will be reborn this spring for you.
● Tips: Change your username

Account security policies will be strengthened. As a beginning Envicase's account policies will soon change. The nickname you are currently using is used as the Username in the new version.
New username policy is shown below.
  • Please enter all lowercase letters.
  • Emoji and spacing can not be used.
  • Hyphens can be allowed.
  • No changes will be made after updating the new version.
  • You can change by the end of Feb.
  • Nicknames can be created separately in the new version.
  • How it changes: Envicase app → Your showroom → Settings → Nickname

               e.g - Mary Barra🌸 (X), Marybarra (X), marybarra (O), mary-barra (O)
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