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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

I'm reaching out to you to see if it would be conducive to have a chat with someone at your office regarding outsourcing solutions for the digital marketing activities. To give you some context, some of the world's leading brands work with US to reduce their work load, manage their marketing work at a very affordable price (with a virtual resource) here with us.
Some of the key business challenges that we have been able to help organizations overcome include:
1- Start working on new projects faster rather than looking for the options to get it done.
2- Quickest turnaround time which made the deliveries quick.
3- Spending more money to hire resources to handle the new projects.
Do you experience any of these challenges yourself? If so, would you be open to set up a short Skype/Phone call to discuss further, when works best for you?
Best Regards,
Linda Green
Business Development Executive
Note: If need a quote, please share your website info and requirements.