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re:display material

Good day to you,
PETG sheets and rolls,color OEM as your demand,save cost, especially for under 1.5mm thickness, earn more market,
size OEM: 1220X2440MM, 4ftX8ft, 2050X3050mm etc, free cut 
Thickness OEM: max 15mm,
surface OEM:glossy, embossed, anti-Scratch, light Diffusion, Anti-glare,matte
PETG sheets and boards and rolls:
Good for printing, thermoforming, cold fold, Decorative plates, Food grade, advertising, shielf etc
save cost and Environmentally friendly
strong and UV protect and Good toughness
if want to save more money, we have pet sheets and rolls also, factory since 2000, working for you.
if need container shipping photos, welcome to contact with us: sales@plasticoop.com
thank you for your time,
Use our practical actions to prove our quality
PLASTICOOP = the combination of  plastic + cooperation