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Summer program in New York for your students

Dear Colleague, 

We have a special offer for your students for our 3-Week Summer Programs 2018 in New York. These programs  take place in June July, August or September

Please find hereafter the brochure of our Summer Program:
We are glad to offer your students in 2018, $2,450 on  our 3-Week Summer program in Business & Finance in New York "Immersion in the New York Business and  Finance world", which combines top level courses, company visits, business and financial institutions and guest  speaker presentations.

We also offer 3-Month, 6-Month and 1-Year Programs.

These great programs come at a truly low cost to your students since lodging for just one week can be as low as  $150 per student in New York, in double occupancy rooms (or more if you are looking for higher standing).

At the end of the programs, the students receive an official Certificate recognized by the State of New York.

This is our website: www.bfmsny.com

For all contacts, here is my direct email : prof.olivier.chazoule@bfmsny.com , Please keep in mind that WhatsApp, and WeChat at this number +1 646 632 7957 are the best way to reach me quickly. 

If your students wish to receive additional information or register they can contact us through our website or write us at: info@bfmsny.com, they can also ask me questions via texts on WhatsApp at this number +1 646 632 7957 
Best regards, 


Prof. Olivier CHAZOULE, L.L.M., M.B.A.





1350 Avenue of the Americas. New York, NY 10019
Tel / Text / WhatsApp / WeChat: (646) 765-5151
Website: https://www.bfmsny.com/