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Feature Rich Industrial 3G/4G Routers

Dear Manager,

I'm Maggi. Our company provides M2M 3G/4G industrial routers with high-speed data transferring, comprehensive security solution, which are certified by Microsoft Azure

Currently we have developed UR-7 series, which contains three models UR71, UR72 and UR75 with the following outstanding features.

Gigabit Ethernet Ports | Industrial 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor | Embed Ursalink SDK (Python 2.7) 
Automated failover/failback | Ursalink Device Management Platform | Easy integration with SCADA system
Support Modbus Gateway/Modbus Master/Modbus Slave Support 802.11/b/g/n/ac | Support max. 512 GB SSD interface 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about our products.

Maggi Cheng

Sales Engineer

M2M/IoT Hardware Provider