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演讲嘉宾更新 | 2019中国财富管理创新国际峰会 Speakers Update!| China Wealth Management Innovation Summit 2019

Title: 2019中国财富管理创新国际峰会
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China Wealth Management Innovation Summit 2019 hosted by Frontier Financial Institute(FFI, a subsidiary of SZ&W Group)will be held in Beijing from May 23th to 24th. The conference focused on the latest market trends in the wealth management industry at home and abroad, the latest developments in industry development trends, product service innovation, organizational structure changes, sharing the most cutting-edge financial technology applications, and exploring the development of the wealth management industry under the new situation. opportunity. We invited many decision makers and experts from the domestic and international private banks, brokers, trusts, insurance, funds, third-party wealth management companies, family offices, consulting companies, etc. in the field of wealth management, through keynote speeches and roundtable discussion form, focus on hot topics in the industry, and explore ways to deal with challenges. In order to promote the healthy development of China's wealth management industry through this summit.

Confirmed Speakers(Part):

♦ 韩淑华,秘书长,北京财富管理行业协会
Shuhua HAN, Secretary General, Beijing Wealth Management Industry Association
♦ 曾丽春,合伙人,贝恩咨询
Jennifer Zeng, Partner, Bain & Company
♦ 黄凡,私人银行部执行总监,大华银行
Fan Huang, Executive Director of Private Banking, UOB China
♦ 苏安纯,财富管理投资总监办公室亚太资产配置主管,瑞银
Zuercher Adrian, Head Asset Allocation APAC, UBS Global Wealth Management Chief Investment Office
♦ 樊桦,财富管理中心执行总经理,建信信托
Hua Fan, Executive Manager of Wealth Management Center, CCB Trust
♦ 高皓,全球家族企业研究中心主任,五道口金融学院
Hao Gao, Director of the Global Family Business Research Center, PBC School of Finance
♦ 罗云峰,研发中心联席首席宏观分析师,招商证券
Yunfeng Luo, Co-Chief Macro Analyst of R&D Center, China Merchants Securities
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议程概览 Agenda Overview
主论坛Plenary Meeting
2019年5月23日May 23th, 2019
Theme 1:Interpretation of the trend judgment and growth factors of future wealth management industry
Theme 2:Pioneer's practice-a glimpse of the forefront of industry development
Theme 3: Break through the homogenization predicament and establish a differentiated competitive advantage
Theme 4:Customer development and service strategy innovation in the new era of credit management
分论坛一 全球资产配置论坛
Sub-forum One Global Asset Allocation Forum
2019年5月24日May 24th, 2019
分论坛二 数字化财富管理论坛
Sub-forum Two Digital Wealth Management Forum
2019年5月24日May 24th, 2019
Theme 1:2019 Global Asset Allocation Outlook
Theme 2: Focus on asset allocation new blue sea, grasp the new opportunities of wealth management
Theme 3:Constructing a top level asset allocation platform to improve multivariate management ability
Theme 4:Family wealth planning in the era of globalization
Theme 1:2019 Digital Wealth Management Outlook
Theme 2:Internet + Inclusive Finance, reshaping the new format of wealth management
Theme 3: Wealth management practice combined with data and intelligence
Theme 4: Exploration of digital wealth management products and business transformation
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