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lifelike doll for your market


When you received this email, we are very happy to tell you that you will have extra income.

This work is based on your current work and is rewarded and will help to increase your income.

What extra income you will have on your current work?

We would like to invite you to join us and sell doll. You will get extra income as follow.

1.      If you successfully sell a doll, you can get $100 as reward.

2.      If you successfully sell 50 pcs in a year, you can also extra 500 dollars as reward.

3.      If you successfully sell 100 pcs in a year, you can also extra 1500 dollars as reward.

This job can help you to accumulate some potential buyer and build a foundation for you to sell other products in the future. It will bring you unlimited potential income.

Here is our product. Thank you!

Why you are invited?

1. This product is more suitable for single people

2. This product is more suitable for people with older grades people.

3. This product is more suitable for people with low incomes.

You may know some single guys around you. At the same time, you can build up a chatting group and invite this kinds people to join in.

Why buy a doll?

1. The doll is made of silicone and feels like a real person.

2. The doll has the function of a real person, can make a sound, can be heated, can be sexual intercourse.

3. The doll is used by one owner. It is very hygienic and not easy to spread diseases.

How to contact buyer?

1. Create a chat group and invite target-client.

2. Post a message to guide the target customer to place an order

3.You can do it by your way.

How to place an order?

1. If you want to join us, we will give you an order code #XXXXXX#

2. When you advertise, tell the customer that if you mark your code #XXXXXX# on the order page, He or she can get 50 dollars off original price.

How is the commission returned?

First of all, this project is effective for a long time. To us, it is one of the ways to maintain the sustainable development of our company. To make the company's business bigger, it depends on trust. So all our cooperation is based on mutual trust. You are our biggest resources. Without you, our business will down. We offer you a commission, which is to find a sincere partner.

Secondly, this project does not require you to invest any money. You only need to help to contact buyer and let client complete the order through the order code. Once order finished lastly, we will return you commission.

When you plan to refuse this job, please think about this question:

There is $50 and $100 on the floor, which one you will pick? If you choose to pick two, you are the smartest person. No one want to give up $50 and just pick $100.

Then this job is the same as this question. As long as it can bring you benefits, why not try it?

Anyway, we are looking forward to your kind reply. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Our website: www.yourdolltime.com

Best Regards,




Office Address: 14/F, B District, Tianan Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China

Phone: +86 158 1288 2629

Email: ada@yourdolltime.co