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Re:Graphite Raw materials

Dear Sir

Good day to you.

HanDan Chao Yo Metallurgical Materials Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in the products and sales of graphite and carbon products, chemical products and raw materials etc, we have constantly explored and promoted the up to date products with strong technical strength and economic strength, our products are widely applied in metallurgy, plastics, chemical, foundry and other industries.

We offer:
●Graphite electrode(RP、HP、UHP)
●Submerged arc special electrode
●Petroleum Coke
●Needle coke

Welcome to dealers, wholesalers, end-users and other specific enquiries,we can offer you our favorable and competitive prices. Your any enquiries will be highly appreciated.

If you are not responsible for this matter, Please help me pass the purchasing department ,Thank you so much.

Best wishes
Leon Tsu

HanDan Chao Yo Metallurgical Materials Co.,Ltd
Mobile: 0086 15963205598
Email: leon_tsu@hotmail.com
Website: www.chaoyouyj.com