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PCB Supplier

Dear Purchasing manager:

Excuse me, We are a professional manufacturer of PCB in SQ Electronics, established in 2004UL NO.467128

Products include Singer side & Double side & Multilayer rigid PCB(from 1layer up to 20layer)& Double FR4(1.2--1.5),also with Rigid-Flex PCB & Copper base PCB & Aluminum PCB & High frequency PCB.

Furthermore, Longest size we can made for 2layer PCB is 1500mm,1layer is 1800mm.

Our products will be shipped 100% testing, the quality complaint rate is less than 0.5%. Mare than 200 type of PCB can be work out everyday. Of course the price we offer will reduce your cost even more.

More details,Please contact me and let me know.Thanks a lot

Kindly send me gerber file for quote.I sure that you will get my best offer.

Your reply will be more appreciated. 

All the Best
TEL: 086-0755-33147775; 0755-33147776
FAX: 086-0755-48510136
MAIL: fairy@shouqiangelectronics.com