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RE:N95 Face Mask/ 75% Alcohol hand sanitizer and spray

Do you need to source anti-virus N95、surgical face masks and 75% alcohol hand sanitizer/ spray in bulk ?

UNISINO is a Government-appointed manufacturers of Alcohol hand sanitizer (rinse free ) and spray / surgical face masks and N95 in China with fair price and high quality.
Since we have limited stock currently, if you need to purchase  in large quantities, please reply to our email as soon as possible. 
Owning exclusive door to door air freight service to Europe and America making you receive goods within 7 days.
Hoping you country will beat the epidemic as soon as possible. 

Click on:  info@unisino.net.cn
In your email, these information should be included: 
1.Order quantity;
2.Your detailed contact information;
3.Your company name and website .
We will give you a detailed quotation sheet within 1 hour.
Best wishes,
Roger Hou
Skype :unisino roger

shajing, shenzhen, guangdong 518000, China