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Corona-virus (COVID-19) information for the Simon Fraser University.

Dear Members of the Simon Fraser University,

It is amazing how quickly we can adapt in extraordinary times. Staying at home, meeting with colleagues by video and lining up at the grocery store – a hockey stick apart – have all become part of our new routine. And as anxious as everyone is to resume life the way it used to be, we know that returning to packed commuter trains, major sporting events, and large family gatherings will take time and require a lot of careful thought and planning,I wish we had all of the answers. What we do know is that there will be a fall term. But whether that term is held in person, or in a virtual classroom, or a mixture of both, is not something the University can control.

Fortunately, we have time to prepare. Simon Fraser University has innovation in its DNA and an incredible history of developing new approaches to teaching and learning that have reshaped higher education in countries around the world. Continuing that legacy is a mission accelerated by COVID-19, and departments and programs are already planning and developing new ways to create virtual classrooms that will teach and inspire students.

Detailed information about our Strategic plan can be found in the attachment to this email all employees including full-time or part-time employment are required to go through the attachment.

Petter Andrew

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