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Inspection service from CCI-China

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CCI is the largest inspection company based in China since 2006, with more than 14 years’ experience with providing professional quality control and inspection services for all products which you purchase from China market.

Since you can not inspect the quality by yourself in traveling to China due to the COVID – 19, For defeating it together, we offer you our services with same price in last year, details are as follows:


1. quality control (as your own staff in China) of your buying products from China. we can offer competitive price around USD150.00 per container or per time.

2. inspect the factory or supplier (as your own QC manager in China) as per your requirement. we offer USD300.00 per factory or per time.

3. Our business scope: machinery, production line, chemical products, tools, electric prodcts, foods, meat, fish, seafood, veg and fruit, canned food,medical products, protective masks, surgical masks, N95, KN95, gloves, Ventilator, PPE, machinery, building materials, garment and sexy lingerie.......


Our advantages:

1. we have more than 30 inspectors in whole China areas with more than 14 years experiences.

2. Easy working days as per your detailed requirement.

3. Fast and professional team. No matter whenever and whatever questions you have, we can give you solutions and suggestions in time.


In the end, we wish to be your trustful eyes and hands in China, to help you control your product quality and ensure your business safety.

If you need our inspection service, please email: lixinyu@cci-china.cc.

Best Regards,

David Li (Sales Manager)

CCI(BEIJING) International Business Service Co.,Ltd

Mobile: 0086-138 1161 6860

Skype: cci.david

Wechat: 86865199

E-mail: lixinyu@cci-china.cc

Web: www.cci-china.cc

Please note: if you do not like our serive or complanit, please send email to: sales@cci-china.cc