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stat-jobs-archiveWave Soldering Machine for DIP Assembly Line SMT Manufacturers-----Southern Machinery.

Dear friend,
I hope you're doing well!

Recently we launched a cool product exhibition are having a special sale, I am just writing to know if your factory is interested in BHS equipment (increased the function of automatic width adjustment).

We provide 3D product demonstration introduction and professional customized solutions for BHS equipment.Save labor costs for the factory and improve production efficiency.

How our BHS equipment works   

Welcome to subscribe to my channel to learn more about SMT equipment made in China

We are looking forward to your kind response so that we may serve you the best quality and lowest prices in the industry.

Thanks and best regards. 


Ronin Xiao - SMT Sales Manager

Southern Machinery Ins

Jinyun COFCO, Qianjin 2 RD, Xixiang, BaoanDist, Shenzhen, China

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