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Automate your foam fabrication process to boost productivity

Dear my friend,

This is Ernest who has more than 20 years of expertise in the foam fabrication industry. We offer more than 50 kinds of machines to help automate and improve the efficiency of the foam fabrication processes.  Eight machines listed below are our top sellers on the market. More details attached as well.

  • Smart Hotplate: Automatically laminate PE foams replacing manual hotplate and heat gun. Improve productivity by 500%~5000%.
  • Smart Gluer: Automatically bond any kind of foam to corrugate board replacing glue gun and glue roller. Improve productivity by 500%~1000%.
  • Smart Cutter: Cut PE foam pad/block automatically replacing manual band saw. Improve productivity by 1000%~2000% and operational safety to new level.
  • Smart Press: Die cut foam planks/foam rolls automatically replacing manual die cutter. Improve productivity by 200%~500%.
  • Smart Heat Gun: Laminate most types of foams (PE/PP/XPE/EVA/…) automatically. Improve productivity by 500%~2000%.
  • Smart Stripping: Remove scrap from pre-die cut foam automatically replacing manual removal. Improve productivity by 500%~2000%.
  • Smart Skiving: Skive all kinds foam into required thickness automatically
  • Right Angle Hotplate: Laminate PE foams efficiently to save material cost  

Our machines help automate and optimize your foam fabrication processes with:

·         Improved productivity by 5~50 times

·         Reduced lead time from 10 days to 2 days

·         Enhance capacity

·         Consistent quality


Do you want to stand out from your competitors who are still fabricating manually? Be our customer! Our customers are all very happy with their purchase of our machines and fully recover their investment in 2~5 months.

Look forward to your prompt comments and reply.

Kind Regards,

Ernest Yu - 余國華

Marketing Dir - 營銷總監


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