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Tilapia/Spot Prawn/Flax seeds meal/Non-GMO soybean meal


Hello, %(邮箱名:)%!

Good Morning! 

How are you? I do hope everything with you and with your family goes well!  

We feel pleased to send you our special offers for sale in this week. 

Item 1: We can provide you 200,000LBs Tilapia Meat. 

Cargo now is in Canada. Produced in Costa Rica.

100% Natural. NO Chemical, NO Additives, IQF, Bulk, 100%NW. NO CO.

CFR Mexico or Miami or NY, USD 1.00/LB

Item 2: we can providde you Non-GMO soybean meal

Specification: Protein 39% as is basic, moisture 10%, fat 10%, crude fiber 7%, urease activity 0.1%.

CIF EU basic port: USD780/MT.

Item 3: we buy Flax seeds Meal

We want to buy the organic and conventional flaxseeds meal.

If you have, please offer me.

Item 4: we can provide you Frozen BC Spot prawn

FOB Vancouver port USD9/lbs

Size: Large, 29-30pcs per package

Weight: net 1kg per package

Total Capacity in 20 FT Container, 18,000.00 lbs. AND 27,000 lbs in 40 FT container.

Best regards/ Meilleures salutations/Met vriendelijke groeten/Mit freundlichen Grüssen/C уважением,


Tel:86-10-51908595 ext:8007   Fax:86-10-51908565

Skype ID:Maxport-Olivia


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