Ibrahim Numanagić

Ehm... how am I supposed to pronounce that?

ibră:xim numâ:nagitɕ
English (kind of)
ib-ra:-him numa:-na-ggich
Arabic or Farsi
ابراهیم نعمان اقا زاده
ибрахим нуманагић
Chinese (sort of)
易卜拉辛 怒马那个奇

Hello there! And selam alejkum!

You stumbled upon a webpage of PhD student at Computational Biology Lab at Simon Fraser University! So welcome!

He's under the supervision of Dr. S. Cenk Şahinalp and he's also a Vanier Scholar.

He originally comes from beautiful Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Curriculim Vitae

You can check the papers I co-authored at Google Scholar.

If you're interested in more details, please drop me a mail, and I'll be happy to provide you a copy of my (hopefully up-to-date) CV.

No, the pronouns are not consistent...


Questions, requests, typo reports? Feel free to contact me at inumanag at sfu dot oh canada.

Pitanja na bosanskom? Bujrum, nema problema!