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  Michael "Jack" Davis

  PhD Candidate       Academic Office: ASB 10928
Teaching Office: SSC K 10564
  Statistics and Actuarial Science       E-mail: jackd *
  Simon Fraser University

Resources for Stat 430 Students

News and Interests:
Sept 2012. I've made a guide to SPSS. It's refined from the notes of Stat 203 Summer 2012.

July 2012. Open Journal of Statistics Vol 2 No. 3 is published. I was a guest reviewer.

June 2012. I was accepted for the Associate Statistician (A. Stat.) accreditation by the Statistical Society of Canada .

March 2012. I gave a presentation on scoring trends in the 3rd period of NHL at the SFU/UBC Joint Statistical Student Seminar.

February 2012. Andrew Henrey and I held a session on R programming to turn the grad students from R N00bs to R Pros

August 2011. I programmed a game for X-Box Indie Games: Doc Logic. Strangely, with modern graphics, it took a lot of extra work to make it look 8-bit.

I'm a big fan of grid computing like the systems of BOINC and World Community Grid . They allow you to donate the spare computer power you waste when your computer isn't running at full power (like when you're web browsing) to various scientific and medical projects. SFU has a team in the World Community Grid.

Education Background:

B.Sc. (2008), Major Mathematics , University of British Columbia - Okanagan
M.Sc. (2011), Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies - Statistics, University of British Columbia - Okanagan

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