Academic & Professional Links

Jeff Pelletier
Dept. Philosophy, Linguistics
Simon Fraser University







What follows are some groups, institutes, programs, and people that I find useful and interesting.  Many of the links lead to surprising places!



At Simon Fraser University





Laboratory for Logic and Experimental Philosophy




McDonnell Project in Philosophy and the Neurosciences




Program in Cognitive Science


Vancouver Studies in Cognitive Science


Natural Language Processing Laboratory  


Computational Logic Laboratory



Professional Organizations




American Philosophical Association


Linguistic Society of America


Society for Exact Philosophy


Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy


Cognitive Science Society


Association for Computational Linguistics


Association for Symbolic Logic


Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents



Automated Theorem Proving (about)






AgentWeb (about web-agent research)





Links to some other schools




ILLC, University of Amsterdam




CCS, Rutgers University


SUNY Buffalo Cognitive Science


Carleton University Cognitive Science


Universität Osnabrück Cognitive Science


Universität Düsseldorf


University of Edinburgh


CSLI, Stanford University


Symbolic Systems, Stanford University


Metaphysics Research Laboratory (Stanford University)



Useful Reference Sources




Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Linguist List website


Stanford Linguistics Meta-Index


citeseer (only for on-line papers, not historically thorough)


Table of Contents for CS Conferences and Workshops (for finding page numbers, volume numbers)




History of Computing (Check out the first ³bug²!)


David Chalmer¹s Philosophy of Mind bibliography


Dey Alexander (Monash Univ.)  Philosophy in Cyberspace


Peter Suber (Earlham College) Guide to Philosophy on the Internet







Nicholas Asher

Kent Bach

David Braun

Greg Carlson

Renee Elio

Ray Elugardo


Mike Harnish

Wilfrid Hodges

Polly Jacobson

Manfred Krifka

Ernest Lepore

Hector Levesque

Bernard Linsky

John Pollock

Graham Priest

Jesse Prinz

Geoffrey Pullum

Ivan Sag

Len Schubert

Rob Stainton

Mark Steedman


Geoff Sutcliffe

Mike Tannenhaus

Ed Wisniewski

Ed Zalta